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We’re busy—plain and simple. But the same way we find time consistently to brush our teeth, finding time to pray daily for people in need has the power to transform your heart. You don’t have to be an expert on world issues to pray about them. What is important is that you come before God with an open heart that is sincere and willing to fully engage. Often we pray general prayers because we aren’t sure exactly what to pray for. Prayer’s power increases when it moves from general to specific.


“This has been an amazing month of prayer for our brothers and sisters. I understand that God is bringing these people through this for more than just suffering. There is a purpose for all of this – God’s purpose.

“I noticed a woman in the Cafeteria at work. I asked where she was from. She said she is from Iran, but that she’s Syrian. I told her that I have been praying for the Syrians, and that many from around the world are praying all during December. She couldn’t believe that others cared enough to pray.

“Our church has workers who are now praying through what their response should be with this ‘opportunity’. Refugees are living everywhere around them.


View the Virtual Prayer Wall where the community comes together to pray for the crisis in Syria. Follow the link and see the hundreds of prayers that circlers have recently posted as they intercede for Syrians affected by this situation.

  • Thank you Jesus that you are trustworthy even in the midst of incredible pain and suffering. So we trust that through this crisis, you are working for the highest good of the Syrian people. I pray that in the midst of their pain, as they cry out to God, that you would reveal yourself to them, Jesus. I pray they would experience the healing, comfort and peace of your presence and that many would turn......

  • Father God, I pray that You show compassion on Syria oh God of mercy. I ask for your mighty hand to rescue them from violence and destruction. You alone are worthy O God. Thank you Lord Jesus because I know that you are able to do all things. Rescue the children, women and men for this fierce anger of violence o Lord. Have Your way in Syria, and do what you Jehovah alone can do......

  • Father God, I pray for each and every one of these refugees that have been forced out of their homes. May this horrible situation be transformed to be used ultimately for Your glory and furthering your kingdom. I pray a sense of peace that surpasses understanding and of a whispered hope to strengthen them even on the darkest days. : Jeneva: United states...

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