Two Tools to Help Pray For Syrians This Thanksgiving

26 Nov Two Tools to Help Pray For Syrians This Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving could be a good chance to share with family and friends your heart for Syria. We all know there will be a prayer for the Thanksgiving meal, so check out the idea below to include Syrians. There’s a quiz too to help gauge what they already know.


Thanksgiving Dinner Prayer:


Lord Jesus, as we enjoy our family, friends and table of abundance today, would you use this setting to remind us that you are the source of all blessings that we enjoy.  We want to pour out our thanksgiving for your goodness to us.  We are so grateful for food, warmth and safety, as we remember today the plight of the Syrian refugees.

Lord Jesus.  We acknowledge that you are on your throne.  You are not distracted, asleep or off duty.  You are grieved and you care deeply for the Syrian people.  You love them and are calling them to yourself.

We know the winter weather is harsh and many live in tents – so they are cold.  We know food is very limited – so there is hunger.  We know they have experienced the ugly realities of war – so there is great personal loss and continuing fear and trauma.  We ask that you would provide supernaturally as well as in natural ways through the relief teams and organizations.

As we live in very different circumstances where there is plenty, we give you permission for your Holy Spirit to stir and compel us to be faithful in prayer for them, the entire 31 days of December.

It’s in the Loving and Compassionate Name of Jesus our Lord we pray, Amen.


Thanksgiving Table Quiz:

  1. What Continent is Syria on?  Asia.
  2. What is the big event going on in Syria right now?  A civil war that has displaced more than 50% of the people.
  3. What percentage of Syrian Refugees are children?  More than 50%.


Hopefully these can come in handy to activate your own circle to begin praying for Syrians. Have a great Thanksgiving!