14 Dec I Kill People in the Name of Religion, You Love People in the Name of Jesus

Paul is one of my dearest brothers.  The Lord has redeemed and raised him up in a Middle Eastern country.  He is now in charge of distributing food packages to newly arriving Syrian refugee families.  Recently, he gave out the last food package he had for the entire month.  A poor lady was the next in line and she started crying when she realized there was none left for her family.

She told Paul that she and her kids are desperate for food and that she has to keep fending off men trying to convince her to have sex in exchange for a little money or food.  Paul told her they were out of food packages, but offered to pray for her in the name of Jesus.  Paul shared how he came to Jesus and prayed for her.

As soon as they finished praying, Paul’s phone rang with a surprise report that there were another 35 food portions.  The Syrian mother, full of wonder and gratefulness, praised God for how Jesus answered their prayer, sharing with everyone how about Jesus and Paul.

Her husband was still in Syria fighting with an Islamic group.  A few weeks later he showed up at Paul’s door.  He said, “I heard how a M….. that now follows Jesus prayed for my wife, defended her honor and took care of my family.  

When I heard this, I thought about how I am in Syria killing people in the name of religion, but you love people in the name of Jesus.  


The next 3 days I could not sleep.  I kept having dreams of Jesus.  I left the other fighters to come here to meet the man who loved my family and to learn about Jesus from you.”


Let’s thank God for His power & compassion, and ask that He continue to ‘call out a people for His name’ — even from the battlefield.  Let’s ask God to send many more to personally pray for each need they have.  Let’s ask Him to make Himself known through dreams, visions and answered prayers; and that they would return to their wives/husbands and children, as changed men and women, through the saving grace of our Lord Jesus.