15 Dec On A Frigid December Night Is Where It Began

He sat alone, in the dark, hidden under a dirty piece of plastic that he had convinced an aid worker to give him. He dug a hole in the ground with a makeshift shovel. He then lashed together some old boards from a destroyed container and stretched plastic over it all to construct what would become his and his family’s new home for the foreseeable future. In the darkness Phar’is dreamed of how wonderful it would be to be back home in Az Zabadani sitting under the grape arbor drinking hot sweet tea and eating freshly baked bread from his wife’s mud oven.

That journey began in the frigid month of December 2012. It all started when Phar’is was awakened one night by the sound of gunfire coming from the street in front of his house in Syria. He had heard that there might be some rebel activity in their city, but he, like most of his neighbors did not believe it. It was simply outside of their realm of possibility. Phar’is gathered up his children and his wife to sprint out the back door leading to the other side of their neighborhood. They left with only what they could carry, and soon even that would be too much.

Phar’is carried his youngest daughter, 2 year old Azeeza or Precious in English, as long as he could before he would hand her to his wife Hamida to relieve him for a season. It was too dangerous to stop and rest.

The rebels from a newly formed group calling themselves the Islamic State in the Levant (ISIL) was pressing in hard on them and thousands of others.

They had to flee for their lives, seeking refuge at the Lebanese border town of Haouch Moussa… surely here they would find safety and refuge.

Little did they know that hundreds of thousands of others would share their fate. The refuge they sought would be shared with so many that it would over tax the infrastructure of even the best of possibilities. Food was scarce, water would be difficult to find, shelter nearly impossible and warmth little more than a distant memory – and their journey had only just begun.

…to be continued


How would you want to be prayed for if you were Phar’is, or Hamida or the children?   Pray those prayers for this family and the 1,000’s of others like them.