26 Jan A Straightforward Glimpse into one Syrian Refugee’s Life

It was a dark and rainy day in the al Hambra displaced persons camp. This camp was located on the edge of the hills of southern Lebanon.  The camp streets were nothing more than mud, water and broken planks from shipping containers.  Phar’is had just visited an old friend from the village he grew up in.  It was a difficult meeting as it added to the heavy load that Phar’is already had to bear.  Phar’is was informed that his brother had been killed by IS fighters while refusing to submit to their Machiavellian rules for Islamic order.  Not only was his brother killed, but his brother’s wife and two of his sons were murdered as well.  The weight of the news of his brothers death was overwhelming for Phar’is, but adding to the news was the reality that his brother’s youngest son, the 10 year old Ali, had made it out alive and had been brought to al Hambra by his old friend. A responsibility that Phar’is’ now had to own.

Phar’is was overjoyed at the boys survival, but his mind began quickly racing. How was he going to provide and feed yet another mouth.  The surreal reality that his family just grew by 25% was not news that Hamida would not find easy be embrace.  The young boy Ali was now his responsibility and he – they – would just have to make it.

As Phar’is and Ali approached the shack that had now become home, they were met on the street by Hamida. Hamida, like Phar’is was overwhelmed by the news and the sight of young Ali, a young boy she had cared for many times over the years.  Hamida embraced Ali warmly and kissed him gently on his head.  She looked up from her embrace to Phar’is face with a look of hopelessness and fear as he knew already she had begun to calculate the cost of taking on yet another family member in these times.

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