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09 Mar Praise + Thanks!


Shout Praise + Give Thanks!

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Observations and Witness to answered Prayer 

God is answering our prayers. We have seen the evidence and direct impact to our crying out to the Lord through our collective prayer.

The displaced Syrians are coming to faith in Jesus.  We now hear it everyday.  Large percentages of them are open as never before to consider alternatives to what they see of Islam.  The contrasts with Jesus are becoming clear.  They are open to hear and are responding. Many are coming to faith in Jesus.

We have seen how effective local efforts are mostly through faith based organizations and local governments.  The greatest impact is through Churches and Christian organizations that have stepped up and stepped in.  They all feel what they are doing is only a drop in the bucket, but they are doing whatever they can with their resources to take on the number of families they can help.  Some churches care for those living in their area; others need to travel many miles each week to give care, comfort, meet physical needs, and share the best news of all.

Please know your giving was distributed to key projects that have a strategic plan, good accountability and are doing both relief work, and sharing the gospel.

Other Observations

We continue to be surprised to hear and observe how each family has a cell phone they have to pay for, I asked, “Why, if they don’t have enough food, do they buy phone minutes?”  They responded by sharing how it’s their lifeline to help and the only way they receive key announcements. In some cases, it’s their only means to know if, when, and where there will be medical teams, schooling opportunities, or food, water, blankets, heaters, and clothing distributions.

Refugees that make it to the cities are scattered throughout where they find empty apartments, buildings, and land.  Often they can pay the 1st month or two of rent and then move to another place when the rent is due again.  In some places where it’s allowed, they then squat and the building owner has little recourse.  Utilities are scarce and the cold penetrates to the bone.  We saw a need for plumbers, electricians, mildew & black mold specialists.

In general, the host countries resent the sheer force of the numbers of Syrian refugees crowding their schools, taking some of their jobs for less pay and draining their resources.  The believers in the national churches are doing an incredible job of helping with compassion – yet recognizing so much more needs to be done for long term sustainability.

This is a week we need to pause in the midst of this overwhelming crisis to give thanks and all praise to our Lord for specific answers to our on prayer.



II Corinthians 1.3-4 

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

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Shout Praise & Give Thanks!!

•  Thank you gracious Father for the national churches in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordon, Germany and Egypt.  So many of them have stepped up & stepped in, often with meager resources, to welcome, feed, cloth, educate, and minister to the displaced Syrian peoples among them.

•  May all glory go to you Lord for the modeling of forgiveness through the Lebanese believers.  Once shot or injured by Syrian armies during previous wars, some are now serving the needs of displaced Syrians.

•  We’ve ask that refugees would seek to know you; that you would draw them close and reveal yourself through dreams and visions.  We thank you Father that in each of the major sites, we get word of many coming by faith to you, Jesus.

•  Lord, you’ve been so faithful to help many escape the radicals, often by only minutes.  We thank you for your mercy and grace for so many.

•  Thank you Lord for stirring your people in over 40 nations to intercede faithfully, and now for the many who are taking teams this summer, giving to projects that will impact, for the trauma counselors willing to help, and for the churches that want to be more involved.  Use your people profoundly, we pray.

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Please continue to pray for our team that is on the ground in refugee sites to have guidance, discernment, and the opportunity to make connections with upright local partners.

Visit the ACT page. There will be a growing number of opportunities for your own response. 

We’ve started with two – Give + GO. More to come soon. 

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