She’s only 10…

17 Mar She’s only 10…


She’s only 10…

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Anniversaries are meant to be celebrated. On this Sunday we grieved a different kind of anniversary as it marked the war that set off the Syrian conflict and resulting crisis.

We grieve the circumstances for Syrians and their future. We grieve its spilling over to more than a Syrian issue; its impact has rippled throughout the entire Islamic world.

We grieve also that the Church has not responded with the fullest of resources it has at its disposal to transform this present tragedy into the greatest opportunity for the Syrian people.

We are now in our 5th year of the crisis and must do more than grieve. There is urgency to the situation. All media are reporting a deepening of the crisis – an unraveling – with implications for generations to come. We can help change this through prayer.

We must refuse the status quo. We must stay focused and determined, willing to do whatever it takes like ten-year old Christina. “She is living in a camp for displaced families where she helps even younger children with their lessons as she works to keep up her own studies.” Article Here.

A number of governments are trying to do their part. NGO’s are actively engaged and doing their part. Celebrities like Angelie Jolie are doing their part. Even a ten-year-old girl living in the refugee camp is doing her part and making “Christ-like” sacrifices.

But what about us, the Church; are we doing our part? Are we doing everything we can?



The situation on the ground can be very fluid, suddenly and radically changing. The needs also vary by location – needing varied responses. Any gifts given through the Syrian Circle will be used for the following kinds of projects.

  1. Humanitarian Aid through direct intervention and partnerships.
  2. Ignite Short Term Initiatives: GO opportunities for Trauma counselor training and trauma counseling, language acquisition, children & youth, families, evangelism & discipleship.
  3. Accessible Technologies: Solar powered and cell technologies for Bible & Biblical materials, trainings, language development, educational and health curriculums.
  1. To train & disciple MBB’s (Musl*m Background Believers); help with language learning and safe houses when needed – so they are equipped to reach their own people.
  2. Syrian Circle Phase II – Awareness, Advocacy, Catalyze Strategic Action/Resources for Development and Kingdom Advance – among spiritually hungry people Syrians and others caught in this crisis.

•   Multiply the amount of awareness and number of people/churches praying.

•   Advocacy & Awareness to ignite more prayer and an urgent & strategic response from the church/believers — through telling the stories, current curated information, speaking, website, writing and media projects.

•   Develop partnerships and pathways for faith to be expressed in strategic action.

•   Consultations to build more strategic responses through partnerships that learn from one another & decrease duplication/quadrupulation.

this week’s


•  Addition is no longer enough. Pray for the multiplication of believers interceding on behalf of those caught in this crisis. Pray for the number circling and praying with us by the end of April to at least double. Ask God to call forth additional intercessors, Circle Starters, and to be bold in mobilizing others.

•   Pray for at least 5 influential pastors to call attention and leverage their platforms to what God wants to accomplish in redeeming this situation. Ask God to prompt them to be compelled to jump in with complete abandon with their hearts and minds.

•   That governmental, NGOs and religious leaders will be more urgent about genuine, compassionate and systemic solutions, no matter the cost to them personally.

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Please continue to pray for our team that is on the ground in refugee sites to have guidance, discernment, and the opportunity to make connections with upright local partners.

Visit the ACT page. There will be a growing number of opportunities for your own response. 

We’ve started with two – Give + GO. More to come soon. 

See the Act Page

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