“The way God shows He has a much better grasp on reality…is to craft a Body whose Head bled to death so that He could end the hostility between ethnicities that are now reconciled by His blood (Eph 3.10).”

Robert Osburn, Wilberforce Academy

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We dream of a day when hostilities between ethnicities and religious factions will cease!  As we are faced with an enlarging circle of conflict & terror in our physical world, we acknowledge it is only a shadow of what is happening in the spiritual realm.   The powers and principalities are enraged and animating many earthly leaders into ethnic & religious faction hostilities.

We acknowledge also that in too many places, the church has not been the demonstration of peace and reconciliation that Christ gave his life for.

Most importantly of all, we declare that Jesus Christ is Lord above and over all!   He has ALL power and authority.  So, it is in His name we pray this week for imperial and spiritual leaders with earthly power.



Ephesians 3.10-11 (NLT)

God’s purpose was to show his wisdom in all its rich variety to all the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms.  They will see this when Jews & Gentiles are joined together in his church.  This was his plan from all eternity, and it has now been carried out through Christ Jesus our Lord. 

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•   You have ALL power over ALL rulers, kings and authorities – even desperately deceived ones.  We ask that by your great power and in accordance with your will, you break up the schemes of the demonic powers animating this conflict.   Lord, would you speak clearly to the inner-heart of each earthly leader keeping the conflict going – either through their indecision or covert choices.  Send your Holy Spirit messengers, both angelic and human to draw them to yourself.   We ask for radical conversions to the truth of Jesus.  We ask the same things for the Islamic spiritual leaders.

•   We cry out too for you to be with your people and your churches in the Arab world.  Protect them – give them courage, strength, praise on their lips and your wisdom.   Prevail over those that want to totally eliminate your followers from this strategic part of the world.

•   We dream Lord of a day when hostilities cease.  Please Jesus – we ask that you change us.  It’s serious business that we, your church demonstrate your multi-faceted wisdom – declaring to the rulers in both the heavenly and earthly realms the end of hostilities, because of your shed blood.   We ask that you build your church strong in this region and around the world as a model – a people of reconciliation.



The Guardian – Feb 24, 2015
Activists warn of end of Christian presence in Middle East as Isis seizes 90 Assyrians

EuroNews  – May 5, 2015

4,100 people rescued from Mediterranean over the weekend

The Daily Beast May 1, 2015
Jordan Squeezes Syrian Refugees, Pushing Them Back Toward Hell

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