Hope…Where is it found?

22 Jul Hope…Where is it found?



Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but desire fulfilled is a tree of life. 

 ~ Prov. 13.12

from Syrian Women


“Syria is a Hell on Earth that is expanding in plain sight.  Violence has plunged well over half of all Syrians into such destitution that they are in dire need of survival aid.”  CNN

“Host countries for these Syrian refugees are angry at Assad.  They are angry at the big “I” group and they are angry at the Syrian Refugees because of the financial burden it places on them.” 
Worker in the region

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It’s almost 1600 days since the conflict in Syria began.  Everywhere we encounter the refugees, their desire is the same.  Peace and safety for their family is all they long for.

Numbers can’t adequately describe the personal stories of loss, grief, violence, torture, torment and kidnappings – but they can serve to help us comprehend the magnitude and complexities of this war torn nation as we stand in the gap as advocates of justice and peace – and on our knees in compassionate intercession.

  • 1 in every 5 Syrians has had to flee as refugees to surrounding nations.  Of their former population of 22 million, more than 4 million are now living outside their homeland – one half of them are children.
  • More than 310,000 have been killed by best estimates of SOHR.  The number doubled in the last year.  This is equivalent to 3-4 million American’s being killed.
  • Another 8 million have been driven from their homes and for most, their jobs as well.
  • Over 12 million need immediate life-saving aid.
  • This year the UN’s World Food Program has had to cut by 30% their daily nutrition rations.
  • 75% of Hospitals are out of service, and 70% of their doctors have fled the country.
this week’s


  • …as you come to the end of each day you’ve spent in safety, ask our Father to confront evil leaders with truth, and that they lose their appetite for the murderous belief system they’ve been taught.  Help them reject it, lay down their weapons and safely flee – that HOPE will come quickly for this nation.  War destroys.  You are the master rebuilder.
  • …as you eat each meal, ask Jesus to multiply the loaves and fishes once again so that Syrian parents  might be able to feed their families with fewer food vouchers – especially for those parents seeking God in fresh ways.
  • …would you give 20 of your steps each day to ask our Father, who is their only HOPE — to powerfully draw Syrians to Himself for the healing of their souls, hearts and minds.
  • …when you read your Bible or attend church this week, ask God for protection of Syrian Christian families and that they will find encouragement in His promises and His presence.

what does it mean…


(See these current stories coming from different refugee sites.) 

Amelia is from a church in Alaska.  When she was sharing with Kareem’s family, Syrian refugees became more than a cause, they became her friends.  She learned that refugees need more than a handout. They need people to come alongside them and listen to their stories, their pain.  Amelia said, “People see [Syrian] refugees as a humanitarian effort, that they need help. And listening to secular news you hear of refugees and that they need physical help. You don’t hear [about] their spiritual need. That really changed when I came here.” http://www.brnow.org/News/July-2015/Alaska-church-brings-laughter-and-God-s-love-to-Sy

Mustafa sits and peers out from the flap of his tent (Baking Camp in Turkey). He and his family of 20 fled Kobane last autumn. And today, how is life today?  “Hard. It is hot, very hot here in summer. And we don’t have work. I went out and found day work in a couple of places. But then they didn’t pay me. There was nothing I could do.”

Almost half of all those affected by this crisis are children, many of whom struggle to cope with distress caused by the violence and upheaval they have experienced.

Bernd Pastors, director of the German medical charity Action Medeor, told DPA that refugees remained hungry and thirsty after arrival (in Greece), but were also in urgent need of antibiotics, painkillers and anti-diarrhea medicines.  ”

They are completely alone,” Pastors said, adding that the Greek government had no money and did not look after the refugees. Refugees who made it to Athens told Reuters that they were stranded in a recession-hit city not equipped to receive them.  Refugees in Athens can expect little help  “We have no food, water or accommodation. We are desperate,” said a Syrian refugee named Haisam.

Before the war began in 2011, Syria fed itself and provided almost all of its medicines from flourishing pharmaceutical industries. Now it is dependent on foreign charity that is anything but adequate. The U.N. says that of the $4.53 billion needed for displaced Syrians to survive, it has received only $1.06 billion in the first half of this year. Gutteres lamented that aid falls far short of “the most basic survival needs of millions of people over the coming six months.”

The U.N. has had to cut food supplies to 1.6 million refugees. John Owen reported on Voice of America that the monthly food allowance for refugees in Lebanon has been reduced from $27 last January to $13.50. Try feeding yourself on $13.50 a month to understand the reasons behind the desire of some Syrians to escape the region to feed their children.

One 22-year-old Syrian, Osama al-Raqa, who lost his chance to go to university because of the war, told Agence France-Presse, “I dream of leaving to Europe. Europeans eat and live in houses. We, on the other hand, are homeless and the whole world treats us like a burden.” https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2015/07/14/syrian-refugee-crisis-will-transform-middle-east-politics/



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