Through The Eyes of Syrian Youth

09 Jul Through The Eyes of Syrian Youth



There was a small city with a few men in it and a great King came into it, surrounded it and constructed large siege works against it.

But there was found in it a poor wise man and he delivered the city by his wisdom.
~ Ecc 9.14-15a NASV

from Syrian Women


“We thought life would be better here.  We’ve escaped from the desperate situation of death and war to another place of despair and uncertainty.  But I am going to seize the opportunity – learn language and get a job.”
Youth Refugee in Europe

“I work to support my family, but most of all I want to go back to Syria.  I miss learning.  I want to go back to school.  There’s no future for me unless I can learn.”
Female Syrian Youth

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Life is full of difficult choices for the young men.  Most decide to risk everything in order to escape serving in the military or being conscripted by radical groups – and often, certain death.  They walk 100s of miles across nations, struggling at border after border to avoid detection.  Many spend time in jail along the way, hoping to get to freedom.

The young women are always targets of gender-based violence along the refugee trail. Young girls are abused, trafficked, used, sold or married off.   While still at home, they are often the ones to care for the younger children.  Most youth long to return to the classroom.

It’s mid-May in Syria, and a 13-year-old boy has gone missing from his home in Raqqa.

He then reveals that he joined the ‘radical’ camp voluntarily when his friends from the mosque told him how much money he could make just by learning how to shoot, behead and crucify his enemies. He pledged allegiance to the militant group, and joined its youth training program.

Lebanese and Syrian employers alike state the same refrain; they will give youth an “opportunity, refugee or not, to make $25 a week, and that far outweighs them doing nothing and roaming the streets.”


this week’s


  1. Lord, we ask that every purpose for which you created these young people would be accomplished.  Through the present circumstances of their life, we ask that you build into their lives resiliency and determination to question what is – and search for truth with their whole hearts.  Father, would you whisper to their hearts in powerful revelation that there is more than they know, and that “Jesus IS the way to God – and their peace”.
  2. We ask you Jesus to protect this young generation and make them your own.  Turn this tragic situation into a training ground for developing future husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, church and national leaders that will love and honor you as the their Lord and their King.
  3. Lord, would you draw to yourself & raise up several “poor, wise Syrian youth” from among them who can be used by you to save their people.  Ecc. 9.14-15



7 Ways To Pray For Muslims Besieged By War / Zwemer Center foMuslims Studies July 2015
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