August Briefing

06 Aug August Briefing



Simon said, “Master, we’ve been fishing hard all night and haven’t caught even a minnow. But if you say so, I’ll let out the nets.” It was no sooner said than done—a huge haul of fish, straining the nets past capacity. They waved to their partners in the other boat to come help them. They filled both boats, nearly swamping them with the catch.

~ Lk 5.5-7 The Message


“It’s a new season.  We are seeing unprecedented spiritual hunger and response to Jesus.”

Longtime Worker 

“I was so full of sin.  It really bothered me.”

A Regional Religious Leader who has now come to Jesus

first a bit of


A brilliant double rainbow abruptly appeared overhead.  Cheering, clapping and yes, tears were the spontaneous response of both refugees and short-term workers.  God’s timing of this incredible sight was his promise once again.

Short-term workers were serving refugees near their camps.  Finding them spiritually hungry, they also shared gospel stories.  Almost 30 had just put their trust in Christ when the rainbow appeared.  The refugees were delighted at the sighting.  Workers felt his pleasure at what was happening, but more so – that it’s a new day – a new season of openness for these people.

Thank you for praying personally and in circles for the Syrian people since we began last December 1st.   We won’t fully know until heaven all that God has done behind the scenes in response to our prayers.  Here are some of the things we do see.

  1. An increasing number of leaders and churches are learning about and responding to the Syrian’s situation, praying, going, giving and engaging with refugees that arrive in their own communities.
  2. God has led field workers and organizations to re-focus a number of their people to capture this new season of openness.  Workers are moving from one part of the region to the places where refugees have gone.  They already speak the language.  They have chosen to uproot their families and realign their priority of focus.
  3. Organizations are more intentionally mobilizing prayer and both long and short-term workers for this harvest moment.
  4. We hear reports every week of people saying something like this, “God has suddenly put the Syrian people on my heart.  I don’t understand this burden I have for them.  I must do something.”
  5. We are seeing more and more prayer initiatives for this region and the different players that are shaping what is happening.
  6. We receive many reports of supernatural protection for Syrians crossing borders, or getting out of jail by ‘mistake’, of God providing at just the right moment so women don’t have to succumb to survival sex to pay for their tent space that month, and of being set free from fear as they are prayed for, etc.
  7. The number of medical teams being sent is increasing and is often the only viable medical care provided.   There have been several specific incidences of supernatural healings, where there is no medical care.  We’re sure there’s more, but we’ve heard of a few.
  8. There are fewer reports of refugees dying on capsizing boats that carry too many since praying for that.
  9. Emerging, too, is more focus on training MBBs, who have the passion and the language to engage specifically with Syrian & Iraqis as they migrate from place to place escaping the violence.
  10. The monies you’ve donated have been used to provide warmth last winter (blankets, gloves, knit hats), food packets, evangelistic materials (written, audio, digital), some musical recorders for children to make music again, whistles for protection of women and distribution of hygiene products.  Some was used as business start up money for women who have to provide for their children. The women are trained, and as they begin to make money, they give back a portion to put other women in business.  After vetting, we put the finances to accomplish the above in the hands of national churches and long-term workers that do all of these three things: aid, development and the gospel.  A small portion has been used to keep The Syrian Circle functional in making believers worldwide aware and interceding.
  11. The Syrian Circle has grown steadily in participants through the months.  We are so grateful for what God is doing to sharpen us as we join in what he is doing to draw this precious people to himself.
this week’s


  • NEW BELIEVERS: Ask that God hold tightly on to new believers – preserve them, draw them to himself and teach them the ways they should go.   As we pray for Syrians, you Lord, cause scales to fall from their eyes.  Will you thrust out 1,000’s of eager partners in this season of ripe spiritual hunger?  Refugees move so often for safety reasons, as well as when the host-government dictates.  Let’s plead with God that along the migration trail, they are able to find others who have turned from death to life, and form small groups to encourage one another in the Lord; that they are able to have Bibles in their language – either digital, audio or one held in their hands; and also that they will meet those who can disciple them, where possible.  Ask that God protect them from false teachers and help them to stand on his word in the midst of persecution.
  • NEW PARTNERS:  As we pray for Syrians, you Lord, cause scales to fall from their eyes.  Will you thrust out 1,000’s of eager partners in this season of great spiritual hunger?  Pray too for wisdom and power for short-term teams and long-term workers that today are at work in many of the refugee sites.  Let’s remember too the difficulties & wisdom needed for the national believers still in Syria.
  • NEW CAPACITIES:  Lord, there’s an incredible need to have more workers immediately.  Among the current works, we need more intentional focus to find those with language capability, wisdom and the power of God at work in their lives, and we must quickly train MBBs and national churches.   Jesus, would you show us how to do this, as we draw together 2 consultations with individuals, churches and organizations called to this work?  We ask that as we meet together we will hear from you and respond accordingly.  Please ask that we find the dates in the U.S. and in Europe this fall – as well as the right place to host the consultations.

Thanks again for circling in prayer with us over these months!  Thanks to all you that have given special gifts or on an ongoing basis.  You each are a treasure and have an inheritance among the nations!  Let us know how to serve you best!




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