Everything Has Changed

30 Sep Everything Has Changed

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It took a 3 year old boy named Aylan, lifeless and alone on a Turkish shoreline, to awaken the world to the single largest humanitarian crisis in recent history. It shook the world. It shook us. It brought us all to our knees.  Things have changed.

Since then, we at The Syrian Circle have not sent out a prayer focus point at a time when it would seem the most opportune.

We appeared to respond with silence as the world around us poured out tears of grief and sorrow. The image of this precious child of God was enough. It was enough for each of us to know how to pray.

The reality is that we have been anything but silent. The constant bombardment by news bureaus, pundits and journalists has had a deafening effect on our ears, to the point that we as God’s people  can barely endure the nasty realities of the suffering of innocent people.   How do we pray into this desperate situation ?

Our silence is not a sign of our inaction or lack of commitment. Instead it is a season to go deeper into what our Father is doing and to seek to understand how we can strategically respond  in addition to our prayers.

Over the last few weeks we have gathered leadership from a number of sources to help us  discern and determine the trajectory of the Syrian Circle as we approach its one year anniversary.
Would you do two things with us?

1. Would you let the headlines you see every day prompt you to pray specifically for the Syrian people?

2. Would you open your own heart to the pain and suffering these people endure and ask Father to break your heart for them? Would you weep for them? Would you fast for them? Would you be willing to go and serve them? We have been and continue to call together leaders at every level to an expanded response. The time to act is now! Jesus tells us in John 9:4, “We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work.”

Please keep us in your prayers that we have clarity from God and a way forward to mobilize the body of Christ in a more extensive and urgent way.


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