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07 Mar Go And Do The Same



After telling a story to a Jewish religious lawyer
of a Samaritan helping a half-dead Jewish victim of violence,
Jesus said:
“Go and do the same.”

 ~ Luke 10.37b


“Taking action because there is a need is very different
than taking action because there is a God.” 

Dr. Alicia Britt Chole
40 Days of Decrease

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In Jesus day the Samaritans and Jews hated each other and had for 100’s of years. It was a world much like ours where racial and religious differences cause suspicion, division and even hatred. Jesus told the story to demonstrate the Samaritan as the self-sacrificing neighborly one. He is the one that extended God’s grace and love in a timely way to his cultural enemy in need. It was the Samaritan, not the religious leaders who passed by, that demonstrated what the real Kingdom of God looks like.

Today many believers work along the refugee trail loving in the name of Jesus. They’ve gone to “do the same”

Bryan was at a bus stop with his team when he saw an older man who could not walk, and they were dragging him into the camp. During this time, Bryan was getting over the little seed of fear he didn’t know he had toward Muslims since the twin towers fell when he was in the 4th grade. He also worried about authorities that might see him praying for people. But compassion trumped every fear, and he thought, “This man needs to walk.” He found another refugee to translate, and he asked if he could pray for Jesus to heal his legs. He prayed and Jesus healed him. He stood up, and the translator communicated his amazement at how much pain had left his body. They walked him to the bus, and Bryan told him, “Jesus can do more than heal your pain. He can give you new life. I probably won’t ever see you again, but you can have him right now. Do you want Him?” He prayed and gave his life to Jesus. Bryan asked the translator to ask the man if he could give him a Bible, and the translator said that he was illiterate but asked for 2 Bibles because he wanted to learn about Jesus, too. Bryan saw a distraught man with the inability to walk and no hope have a smile on his face with a Bible in his hand within 10 minutes.

Amillia sees that God is inviting us to comfort people and receive them. She was at a boat landing when she saw a little boy with a blank, lifeless look on his face from shock. Kevin & Amillia helped the kids change into dry clothes.  She then held the little boy while his mom went to change in a separate place as a Muslim women with dignity. When she came back, since it was a cold day, they put them in a vehicle where the heater was running, so they could get warm. Two other team members were doing dance moves to make the kids laugh. Right before they put them in the car, the little boy said to his mom, “Mommy, mommy, she loved me.” Amillia thought, “That’s what I’m here for.” That’s a big part of what this moment in history is for us. It’s an opportunity for us to comfort hurting people, and as we do, it’s a gateway to their hearts.

When Matt was with a team in Athens, they met a woman who lost 3 of her children in the sea. There are no words. Yes, she had some material needs, but she couldn’t sleep for the 3 weeks since it happened. They were able to pray for her and pray for peace that transcends understanding to come into her life. She needed to know that her children died in the arms of Jesus. There are people who are hurting and need the love of God. If we don’t go, who will love them in that way?  We need to bring to them the only one who has the words life to comfort and to be their source of peace.

From our Research Team along the trail:
“Meet this Mother and Dad, and their son Amed — a Syrian family from Damascus we met at a refugee camp in Šid, Serbia.  Rifat studied banking, and Maya was a clothing designer back in Syria where they had a good life before they had to flee the war. They made the treacherous journey by boat from Turkey to Chios, Greece and then traveled all the way to Slovenia before getting turned back. As they were entering Slovenia, Maya told us with exasperation that the translator they had at the border was drunk when he was explaining their family’s situation to the police. So the police got upset and refused entry to their entire group. They have since been grouped together with all of the other nationalities who are not allowed to cross the border and are about to be sent back to Macedonia.

This family has all of their original documents to prove they are Syrian and should be allowed to go to Germany where they have relatives. They are scared and their son is getting very sick in the camp.

They, along with another Syrian woman and Iraqi family, all got turned away together and are asking for your help. They have been told that their only options are 1.) go back to Syria/Iraq, 2.) stay in refugee camps or 3.) go to prison.

The team prayed for them in the name of Jesus and now asking if anyone has contacts that might help. They’ve heard that this group has recently been moved to Hungary.

this week’s


  1. Thank you, Lord, for the 100s of both long and short term workers. We ask that you give them powerful faith as they pray with refugees; give them creativitiy & strength in the face of overwhelming need, and keep them safe from danger we pray.            2 Corinthians 1. 8-11
  2. That justice and fairness will prevail along the trail for those like Rifat and Maya.  That legal advocates will be generous with their time and their skills to help make a way.
  3. For another 2,000 believers to say ‘yes’ to Jesus’ admonition to “go and do the same” – willing and able to go and work among refugees this summer. Ask the Lord for at least 400 Arabic-speaking believers to be among them.




Europe’s Refugee Crisis is About to Go From Terrible to Unprecedented 

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