Jesus Wept

28 May Jesus Wept

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On a dreary, cloud-covered day in Serbia the sorrow of the refugee crisis was personified in three women who stood together, telling their stories with tear-streaked faces and children who silently clung to their legs. The women wept from exhaustion, frustration, and a crushing fear as others looked on and walked past without a word. Why do we not weep in the face of such sorrow? How can we turn our backs on these stories? Sometimes the best way to love someone is to stand by and weep with them?

“When does this stop being a refugee issue and start becoming a human issue?” –A volunteer with CYCI (a group working to find and aid Yazidi Christian refugees)

“Jesus wept.” –John 11:35



Pray for empathy and action to well up in the church worldwide. Pray for those on the front line caring for people — that they would stay strong. Pray for our hearts to continue to be soft to Jesus and His heart for refugees.



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