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03 May Source of Change

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Jesus models prayer for us in Luke 18:1­8 where the persistent widow does not give up in seeking justice for her household. Her continued petitioning made the judge relent and grant her request. If we look back on any great event in Christian history, prayer is the common thread that unites them all. Before every great breakthrough is great prayer. So when it comes to the refugee crisis, now is the time to unite in prayer as we seek change.

“Two things changed my life ­­ loving Christ and prayer. I believe the change in my life can be traced back to a single poor street-­sweeper who prayed for me years ago in my country.” ­-Former Muslim Imam who became a Christian refugee

“And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?” ­
~Luke 18:7



Pray for more people to be mobilized to pray intently. Pray for Jesus’ love to be seen by refugees as people offer care and hope. Pray that God keeps us faithful to praying. Consider who you can forward this message to in order to invite others to pray. Let’s expand the circle of prayer.



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