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Imagine leaving your home, family, and future behind as you travel to a new land — only to be held back in your search for a safety. Across Europe tens of thousands of refugees are stuck at borders, transportation points, and holding centers. Millions more remain in the Middle East. Children can’t play. Information is limited. Frustrations are high. And the trauma of fleeing is settling over people as they stop moving. Depression and hopelessness grip many. How will they know that the Prince of Peace desires to walk with them into places of hope and healing, both spiritually and practically?

We came here because of the war. But where can we go? There are no options for us. We are told we have three options– 1.) go back to our country 2.) stay in refugee camps or 3.) go to prison. What can we do?” –Fahad, a refugee who became stuck in Serbia after recent border closures

…that creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.
~Romans 8:21



Pray for Greece, a nation that has been receiving refugees for decades. Pray for their economic issues. Pray for the leaders as they make hard decisions about the refugees and migrants stuck within her borders. Pray that God would bring creative solutions to those in government and Christians caring in their communities.



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