The Bigger Circle

01 May The Bigger Circle



As the masses of Syrians have migrated, so have people from other nations. The Syrian Circle prayer effort has expanded to include those from other lands. Consider the migrants from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. There are those traveling from warring nations and economic desperate situations throughout Africa. And the millions displaced in Yemen.

Those who were once considered “unreachable” are now in countries where Christians can love them with questions, listening ears, and welcoming arms. We can pray and share the source of our hope. What the enemy has meant for harm through wars and oppression, God can redeem for good. His good. His hope and future, that all people everywhere would hear and experience the Good News. Our prayer circle continues to expand and we continue to pray.

“For dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations.”
~ Psalm 22:28



Pray for the millions of refugees who are beginning to hear the Gospel for the first time. Pray that they would respond at a heart level to the Good News, and that it would impact their families, communities, and then their country when they return.



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