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11 May The Gospel

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Abrar arrived on the island of Lesvos to someone handing her a bottle of water, “in the name of Jesus”. She then encountered Greek grandmothers from this “Christian” country who gave her food as she made her way toward the ferry. In Athens, there were kind smiles at the refugee community center. Warm clothes, clean body, a meal, and phone charging–all “in the name of Jesus”. She crossed the border before it closed and camped with the masses. There was a Christian man from Macedonia offering medical help and a story about Jesus. It was when she finally met an Arabic speaking follower of Jesus, that she clearly understood the Gospel message. The seed sowing of kindness, word, prayers, and the Holy Book along the way prepared Abrar’s heart to find her forever future in relationship to Jesus Christ.

“You don’t need to debate about religions. You just share your identity and the truth through your actions. Sometimes we sow a seed without realizing it.” -Former Muslim Imam who became a Christian refugee

“And this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”
~Matthew 24:14



Pray for the window of opportunity to be held open until more people come to care and share. Ask the Lord of Mission to bring about a movement of sharing the Good News in word and action.



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