The Power of Stories

08 May The Power of Stories

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Stories are important, not just for the listener but also for the speaker. The mere act being heard and understood can dramatically change someone’s outlook from hopeless to hopeful. Telling one’s story is more than just conveying facts—at its core, it’s a way to proclaim your humanity. And in the context of the refugee crisis where a person’s humanity is often pushed aside for political or economic reasons, storytelling becomes a bold and beautiful act of defiance.

What they [refugees] are craving the most is someone to listen to them, to hear their stories.-Leonna, a young Christian volunteer in Germany

“When the people land [on the shores of Lesvos, Greece] they want to tell their stories. Some people have lost their entire families in the Middle East. Some kids lose their parents on the boats on the way over. In their countries they were bombed, they have shrapnel wounds, family members who have been killed. They have knife wounds, head wounds. They need to tell their stories.” –Volunteer living in Lesvos, Greece

“Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my sighing.
Listen to my cry for help…”
~Psalm 5:1-2



Pray that the whole church, especially Arabic speaking believers, will come and ask questions, listen, and minister God’s grace. Thank God that he has already raised up believers in each country to show love and Christian witness to those looking for refuge. Ask God to continue that work.



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