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02 May Wake Up


This cannot be ignored. With how accessible information is about the refugee crisis, how can we avert our eyes? When we ignore the plight of refugees, we strip away the humanity of their situation. When we remain silent in the face of great pain, we become just as guilty. This is not meant as a reprimand, but a challenge. It’s time to wake up.

“These are the life jackets that have come in ­­ since September only. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of lifejackets, each one representing a refugee. And some of these jackets are from dead bodies. The world needs to wake up and needs to see this.”
Eric Kempson

“It’s as if nobody cares about what is happening to refugees. No one is talking about it, so it’s as if it doesn’t exist. People need to pay attention!” ­
A volunteer with CYCI (a group working to find and aid Yazidi Christian refugees)

“I really think this is a chance for the church to wake up.” ­
Kristin, a volunteer with Operation Mercy in Macedonia



Pray for the church in America, Europe, and Middle East to wake up and see that God is doing something in our midst. Pray for there to be an outpouring of people, resources, and receptivity to “welcome the foreigner” and do good. Pray that they would delight in the incredible work that God is doing.



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