We Are Tired

06 May We Are Tired

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The individuals in the midst in this crisis are tired, both physically and mentally. Hear their cries:

We have not slept in three days. We cannot sleep. We must watch over our children. We cannot rest.” -Group of refugee women at the Greek-Macedonian border

Pray for us. We haven’t had a day off in almost a year. Our families are sacrificing for this cause.Volunteer team in Croatia

It is unbelievable. I constantly have to look around – I cannot believe what is happening here. We have seen everything. It is never quiet here. I am tired from it all.-Policewoman at the Greek-Macedonian border

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
~Matthew 11:28



Pray that mothers, grandparents, children, and men who are living as refugees, and the individuals sacrificing their personal lives to respond to this crisis would all find physical, emotional, and spiritual rest.



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