Last 2 Year’s Giving to The Chase (The Syrian Circle Prayer Initiative) Used for

27 Nov Last 2 Year’s Giving to The Chase (The Syrian Circle Prayer Initiative) Used for


The funds given in the last 2 years were used in the following ways:


  • WINTERIZATION items in the camps – mostly for women & children without dads (as they are still in Syria fighting or have been killed or jailed). Winterization items included hats, socks, gloves, scarves, coats and blankets.
  • FOOD packets & clean WATER that accompanied home visits for assessment of needs, prayer for the family, and often a gospel witness.
  • SCHOOLING for children who had been without school for several years: supplies, tents to establish new schools in the camps and simple equipment.
  • VOCATIONAL TRAINING for some single moms: some were trained in aspects of nursing & others in cosmetology – so that they have skills to get jobs.
  • MATERIALS Bibles in their languages; simple audio playing units with Christian videos & teaching materials; printing of evangelism & discipleship materials; translation work where needed.
  • EVENTS These are small gatherings of 30-75 spiritually hungry refugees around a meal. Relationships are deepened and the gospel is clearly shared, usually from other refugees that have recently become followers of Jesus. Each one and their needs are prayed for. This is where so many decisions to follow Jesus as Lord are made.
  • TRAINING for those coming to faith to reach their friends & relatives at the refugee sites. Through WhatApp, they also are able to reach out to their connections still in other countries.
  • TRANSLATORS Small contributions help make it possible to have Arabic speakers work with teams from the west when needed.
  • COUNSELING Help with Trauma Counseling specialists to both counsel and train others to counsel.


Thank  you to all who gave and have supported The Syrian Circle over the past 2 years. If you would like to give today, please click here.