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It has been a blessing to see how people have responded to the Syrian Circle Prayer Initiative.


It started as a daily prayer point for the month of December in 2014, but has since become so much more. Because of your response and the continued need, we want to keep sharing how you can not only pray for Syrian refugees, but also act. Take a look at the following materials to help direct your donations and efforts to respond to the refugee crisis.


#NotForgotten Campaign: Write Letters to Refugees



For the month of April (and onward in your own communities), please join us in writing letters for refugees who need to know they are loved and not forgotten. All of the information are in the PDF’s linked below or in this easy-to-share folder.


If you are interested in serving on a short term trip in Europe among the refugees you can find more information by clicking here or by contacting us using the form below.

*Important Information about Giving*

The situation on the ground can be very fluid, suddenly and radically changing.  The needs also vary by location – needing varied responses.  Any gifts given through the Syrian Circle will be used for the following kinds of projects.

1. Humanitarian Aid through direct intervention and partnerships.


Food Kit & Care Package

We are mobilizing resources to make a direct and tangible impact in the following locations where the refugees are traveling or have finally settled. The list of items have been provided directly from workers on the ground and who are purchasing the goods in country and distributing them to the area of greatest need.

If you would like to give towards one of these kits please put “Food Kit” or “Care Package” in the comment box when making your donation.


Jordan: Food Kit $35

  • 5Kg rice
  • 5Kg sugar
  • 1 Ltr cooking oil
  • 4 packets of cheese
  • 5 packets of pasta
  • 5 packets of noodles
  • 3 tins humus
  • 4 tins beans
  • 2 packets of tomato puree
  • 1 jar of jam
  • 1 box of tea
  • 800g of milk powder



Germany: Care Packages : $35

  • 1 small towel and/or wash cloth
  • Hygiene Items: shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, skin cream, etc.
  • Candy or chocolate
  • Adults: 1 small gift
  • Teens: 2 toys
  • Kids: 1 toy and 1 stuffed animal, crayons and sketchpad
  • Book in Arabic on what Christians believe.

2. Ignite Short Term Initiatives:  GO opportunities for Trauma counselor training and trauma counseling, language acquisition, children & youth, families, evangelism & discipleship.

3. Accessible Technologies: Solar powered and cell technologies for Bible & Biblical materials, trainings, language development, educational and health curriculums.

4. To train & disciple MBB’s (Musl*m Background Believers): help with language learning and safe houses when needed – so they are equipped to reach their own people.

5. Syrian Circle Phase II: Awareness, Advocacy, Catalyze Strategic Action/Resources for Development and Kingdom Advance – among spiritually hungry people Syrians and others caught in this crisis.

•   Multiply the amount of awareness and number of people/churches praying.

•   Advocacy & Awareness to ignite more prayer and an urgent & strategic response from the church/believers — through telling the stories, current curated information, speaking, website, writing and media projects.

•   Develop partnerships and pathways for faith to be expressed in strategic action.

•   Consultations to build more strategic responses through partnerships that learn from one another & decrease duplication/quadrupulation.

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