Experience a physical refuge of kindness & safety; that the world will respond with urgency to their situation. Matt 6.9


God make your presence known as you invade darkness. Let your light shine into every dark place – that evil will flee and Truth will be powerfully revealed. Matt 6.10; 1 Jn 3.8


Lord, we so desire that you will do new things in their lives.  Would you prompt their spirit that as they grieve their losses, you will make them willing to let go of the things that bind them such as generational family feuds and any bitterness that poison their souls. Matt 6.10; Ex. 20.3-17


Lord, we ask that you give parents who are far from home, and without jobs enough food and clean water each day to feed their families. Send your messengers to live and work among them, teaching them how to ask you and trust you for what they need each day. Matt 6.11; Gen 22.14-19


Lord, you’ve paid a terrific price for us to be reconciled to our Heavenly Father. We ask that you will cause them to search for you, and send messengers to show them how to find you.

You’ve also made a way for there to be peace between Jew and Gentile. You are that bridge. Would you protect these Fathers and Mothers from the bitterness that will infect another generation. Teach them your way to love their enemies.
Matt 6.12, 14-15; Eph 2.14


In their new settings Lord, there will be completely new types of temptations in order to gain control of their circumstances: temptations to be involved in illegal means to meet their needs, or temptations to give up hope or jump to the politically powerful. Lead them we pray, other directions that will draw them closer to you. Matt. 6.13


For generations the evil one has kept these precious people in bondage, enslaved by generational hatreds and political dictators. His intent is always to deceive, destroy and kill. We ask Lord that would cause this destructive design to lose it’s power. Push back the darkness, we pray. Raise up an army to intercede until evil intent is reversed into blessing and new freedom for their body and their souls.

Matt 6.13; Jn 10.10; 1 Jn 3.8


That Syrians be welcomed by more free and developed nations for long-term resettlement. The meeting to decide their future happens Tuesday in Geneva (Mon night U.S. time). Pray that God’s will be accomplished.

Western nations that typically welcome refugees, are taking small quotas with Syrians.
Let’s ask God for greater openingsfor them to resettle in hospitable nations.
The region is in stress, and too low on resources, as the conflict has extended several years. Deut. 10:17-19



They be shown hospitality & their daily needs for safety, food, shelter, warmth and hygiene be met in both natural & supernatural ways. Ask the Lord to multiply what is being distributed, much as he did the loaves and fish, so that all are satisfied.
Is 58.7; Matt 25.35-36; Matt 14.17-21


God to provide safe pathways for others escaping the violence, persecution and hatreds, and instead find the hiway of holiness. Is 35:8-9.

For less harsh weather & that aid workers be able to distribute enough blankets/heaters. And be drawn to the warmth God through Jesus. Is 58.7; Matt 25.35-36


That the “Lord who is There” (Yahweh Shammah), will make Himself known in personal and profound ways. That Syrian belivers will Shine His Character & Love.  That His Word would be made Available & Read at each Refugee Site and Among Those with Radical Ideologies.
Psalm 119.105


The the refugees would be shown justice, mercy & compassion as they struggle to survive and build a new life. That they experience God in some special way and understand that He loves them and has not forgotten them.
Zech 7.8-10


That belivers from around the world will be bold & devoted to prayer on their behalf.
Col 4.2-3; Ps 14.2; Acts 16.4; 2 Cor.4.4


Pray for workers to be quickly deployed through open doors – to open minds/hearts.
Lk 10.2

As they tell the stories of His love, mercy & grace — and as they pray for them in the powerful name of Jesus — that the scales of blindness & deception would fall from their eyes, like in the days of Paul.
Acts 9.10-18


Pray for wisdom to lead skillfully through persecution. Be encouraged by His presence & promises as they suffer. Be rescued from evil. Ps 78.72; 2 Tim.2.12; Rom 8.18; 2 Thess 3.2


Pray that out of tears & brokenness, leaders will speak out & advocate for Syrian refugees. Compel them to call Churches to hear and respond to the cry of the refugees.

Acts 16.9-10


Pray for strength & initiative to lead their families in hard circumstances. Keep hope alive in the parents. Give each family a dream for their future. Prov 23.17b-18


Pray for God to bring modern day apostle Paul’s to faith at each refugee site. Provide disciples to equip & train them. 2 Thes 1.11, 2 Tim 2.2


Pray for wisdom & partnership for long-term & compassionate solution to the crisis. They set aside their own agendas in exchange for justice & fairness. Ex 23.6-9


Pray God will invade their life through dreams/visions & the true messengers of God. To question their core beliefs & seek answers. Holy Spirit bring conviction.
1 Tim 2.1-6


Pray for God to send wise and gifted believers to work among the refugees. Focus attention on their physical, emotional & spiritual needs. Lk 4.18-19


God give them insight & desire to build a future on new & solid foundations of your Word. Give their people freedom and gladness instead of mourning. Lk 6. 46-49; Ps 67.3-4


That refugee sites would be a place of new restoration, not breaking them. Ask God to make them new & reshaped for His purpose to fill the earth with knowledge of the Lord. Col 1.15 , Hab 2.14


God bring your light (Word, Believers, Visions) to expose the darkness of false ideologies & worldviews. Remove heart blindness. Matt 4.16, Jn 8.12


Pray they abandon rituals to worship the Living God who was offended with lack of justice.  He then intervened/stepped in on Christmas day with power & justice to help the oppressed. Is 59.16-19


Help them choose ‘life’. Since life & death are in the power of the tongue, give them Your words to bless God, their family, neighbors & even enemies. Prov 18.21; Ex 20:7, 16


Pray against retaliation & revenge, but instead for Jesus to be embraced as the model & find His love sufficient to consume the violence. Lev 24.20; Matt 5. 38-39; Cor. 13.4


Ask God give new opportunities to experience & be in awe of His handiwork – and for study, experiences, models & mentors of His choosing. Is 40.25-26


Pray God will raise up the next generation to know the Truth – not the distortions & deceptions of many generations. 1 Tim 2.1-6


Pray that churches welcome, help resettle and express the love & message of Jesus to Syrians arriving in our cities. Ask that they find more than another religion, but a love relationship with Jesus & know assurance of eternity with Him.
Acts 26:17b-18


Thank God that He is not asleep or distracted – but hears us & responds to the prayers we’ve prayed for the Syrian people so that The Father be glorified. Jn 14.13-14