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Syria is an ancient country with an amazing history. It’s capital and cultural center Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the Middle East. The Apostle Paul was converted on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians. (Acts 9)



The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world. The Arab Spring in 2011 brought tremendous turmoil and started a civil war which continues today. The war has intensified with ISIS taking over extensive territories in the north.


The present turmoil has forced it half of their citizens to be displaced from their homes, 6.5 million feeling to other parts of the country and 3.2 million escaping the country to become refugees, scattered around the world. Many of these children and women with 20% under the age of 11 and 50% being women.



Syria’s future is unknown. With the average stay in a refugee camp of 17 years, many Syrians will grow up outside their own country and many will never return.


08 Feb Sharing From The Refugee “Highway”

Over the next 3 weeks a team representing The Syrian Circle will be traveling along the refugee trail through Europe. We will be posting first hand stories and sharing from their experiences as they travel from Greece to Northern Europe. We hope their account of traveling alongside of the refugees...

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26 Jan A Straightforward Glimpse into one Syrian Refugee’s Life

It was a dark and rainy day in the al Hambra displaced persons camp. This camp was located on the edge of the hills of southern Lebanon.  The camp streets were nothing more than mud, water and broken planks from shipping containers.  Phar’is had just visited an old friend from...

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19 Jan 2014 Statistics

Each week we want to continue to provide you pertinent information to inform you as you intercede on behalf of the Syrian people. As you know, the war has had a significant impact on the country of Syria. Within the last week, news sources have released the following numbers. In 2014, [vc_separator...

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12 Jan How the chaos in Syria has created the opportune moment.

Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment. Today, Syria is caught in chaos, but it’s also a kairos moment. Let me explain. To fully understand why this is the opportune moment, it helps to understand how the chaos has affected lives. Young Syrian men have limited options....

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15 Dec On A Frigid December Night Is Where It Began

He sat alone, in the dark, hidden under a dirty piece of plastic that he had convinced an aid worker to give him. He dug a hole in the ground with a makeshift shovel. He then lashed together some old boards from a destroyed container and stretched plastic over it...

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05 Dec Dick Eastman’s, Love On It’s Knees

This is a powerful story of how God moves in human history when we pray. If you need encouragement that prayer really does make a difference, read this. — Several years ago, in May 1986, I was preparing to take School of Prayer training to Poland at the invitation of a dynamic young...

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26 Nov Two Tools to Help Pray For Syrians This Thanksgiving

  This Thanksgiving could be a good chance to share with family and friends your heart for Syria. We all know there will be a prayer for the Thanksgiving meal, so check out the idea below to include Syrians. There's a quiz too to help gauge what they already know.   Thanksgiving Dinner Prayer:   Lord Jesus, as...

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25 Nov Child Trauma

When I walked into the tent, the stagnant air almost suffocated me.  It was the heat of the summer, and the tent, baking under the sun, didn’t have openings in the sides for ventilation. After slipping off my shoes, I sat on my knees and began conversing with the young family...

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